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Press Kit

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Christy Mayfield is the author of the book that has found its way into so many hearts – “Marry Me” Doesn’t Mean “I Love You”: How I Escaped an Abusive Relationship and Found My Rhythm Again.

In this powerful narrative, Mayfield brings a fresh perspective to a topic that’s only too relevant today. Despite the heavy subject matter, “Marry Me” Doesn’t Mean “I Love You” is a positive book about triumph, resilience, and hope.

She connects with her readers like a friend, sharing her own story of domestic violence, as well as her professional insight. Mayfield is a clinical health care practitioner with additional training in abuse and trauma, and a professionally trained life coach. With her professional expertise, Mayfield is able to help her readers, both domestic abuse victims and people interested in helping them, understand the cycle of abuse as well as how to find a way out.

Mayfield graduated from the University of Southern California School of Medicine Physician Assistant Program in 1993 and is a practicing PA in emergency medicine. She has also practiced as a PA in family medicine, and women’s health. She holds two certifications in domestic violence, abuse, and trauma, as well as in alternative and complementary medicine.

Mayfield is also a professionally-trained life coach and a mind-body coach. She uses a dynamic style of coaching, utilizing unique tools and techniques to guide her clients through recognizing and healing self-limiting beliefs and thought patterns. She helps her clients heal their whole person through understanding of the subtle connectivity of the mind, body, and emotions. Mayfield’s coaching practice is located in Seal Beach, CA but her clients come from all over the world.

She is an active member in both the Academy of Violence and Abuse and the Los Angeles County Domestic Violence Task Force. She has been recognized by the National Association of Professional Women for her contribution to domestic violence awareness, as well as her skills as a successful life coach and mind-body coach.

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