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Free Resources

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Product Dream Lifestyle Quiz

Dream Lifestyle Quiz

How close are you to living your wildly successful life? Find out the exact spots you need to correct now so you can stop wasting years heading down the wrong path. Time is the only thing you can’t get back!
Product The Horse Dossier

The Horse Dossier

Discover the wisdom of the horses – Four women share their personal experiences of Equus Coaching, the wisdom they each gained from the horses and the ongoing benefits they’ve continued to have.
Product Emotional Wellness Challenge

Emotional Wellness Challenge

Join the 5-day challenge and discover how to decipher the personal messages your emotions are sending you so you can improve your emotional & physical health and bring to life the legacy you are here for.
Product Facing The Unknown

Living in Uncertainty

5 techniques to immediately stop anxiety when living in uncertainty.
Broken Heart Syndrome Shop

Broken Heart Syndrome

How emotional stress can harm your heart & what you can do now to reverse it.
Product Peaceful Prosperity

Peaceful Prosperity

5 quick steps to enhance your relationships & your health as you scale your business.
Product Relationship Abuse Assessment

Relationship Abuse Assessment

Are you wondering if your partner’s behavior is abusive? Sign up here and you will instantly receive a FREE Relationship Abuse Assessment.