Thoughts to Ponder


Thoughts to Ponder

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Know What to Look for Before Committing to the Relationship

There is no “look” to Domestic violence and no particular “appearance” that an abuser has. You cannot tell by looking at someone who is ...

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Victims of Abuse are not “Insecure”

I often hear a big misconception when I listen to people talking about victims of domestic violence.  They often assume these women as “insecure” ...

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“Brave” Not “Broken”

Women who have lived the abuse are often considered “broken” or assumed to have “baggage.”  On the contrary, they are often some of the ...

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With an Open Heart We Can Do Great Things, Effortlessly

As I sat in the backyard reading, once again I noticed the cat sitting quietly a few feet away from me, just watching me ...

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The Place Between “Goodbye” and “Hello”

A single experience in life does not define “who” we are.  What makes us “who” we are is the whole of all our experiences, ...

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Holding Onto Your Past

We all hold on to the past, those people and memories that served us in some way.  Maybe they brought joy to our lives, ...

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Overcoming Abuse Poem

Once upon a time, in a land near, near by…there was a beautiful little girl who suffered terribly from the many abuses inflicted upon ...

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1 in 4 Teenagers Experience Dating Violence

If you are a teenager wondering what a violent or abusive relationship looks like…It may start with teasing and name calling (which often looks ...

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Risk of abuse to children in domestic violence homes

Recently I received an e-mail in response to one of the factors listed in “Abuse is Progressive” that have been found to increase serious ...

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Abuse Is Progressive

Once an incident of domestic violence has occurred, that violence will escalate with each episode: the abuse is progressive and usually will not stop ...

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