Finding My Rhythm Again


Finding My Rhythm Again

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A Pocket Book of Domestic Violence Resources


Each day that you wake up free from the abuse leads you closer and closer to living the life you have dreamed of for yourself. I know because I have lived it. You and I are connected in that place. I understand the complexities of the secrets you keep, and trying to find your way out when some days it feels safer to stay. I understand that each day is a delicate balance of risk as you assess the degree of violence that each of your decisions will result in.

I also know there is a way out!
There are many people ready to help guide you.
I want you to know where to find them.

Remember, abuse can be emotional, financial, sexual or physical and it carries over into the lives of the children and pets.


Finding My Rhythm Again

A Pocketbook of Domestic Violence Resources

I provide a concise index of domestic violence resources never before seen within one book.

These Resources Include:

Easy to follow safety plans for adults and children, as well as resources and strategies to help keep your pets safe from domestic violence.

Action steps for creating a safety plan for you, your children and your pets. Pets are like family, especially to victims of abuse.

An Index of Pet Shelter Options Including:

State domestic violence shelters known to accept pets.

Information on pet protection orders offered within the various states across the US.

Pet-friendly hotels across the US.

Pet protection orders function for pets the same way restraining orders function for people, however many people are unaware that these protection orders exist.

In this book, Mayfield provides the information specific to each state, right at your finger tips.

Finding My Rhythm Again

A Pocketbook of Domestic Violence Resources

Chapter Topics

Chapter 1 – Making Sense of It All

Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about domestic abuse.

Chapter 2 – Safety Checklist – Adult

Detailed Safety checklist for adults who are in an abusive relationship or planning to leave one.

Chapter 3 – Safety Checklist – Child

Safety checklist for keeping the children safe at home and school.

Chapter 4 – Safety Checklist – Pets

Nearly 75% of women in domestic violence shelters report animal abuse by their abuser. For this reason, many victims of abuse will not leave the abuser for fear of leaving their pets behind and subject to more abuse. Many abusers will retaliate or punish the victim for leaving by harming or killing their pets.

Safety checklist for keeping pets safe.

Mayfield has also provided resources for pet friendly hotels.

Chapter 5 – State Domestic Violence Protection Orders

Twenty nine states, as well as Washington D.C and Puerto Rico have enacted legislation that includes provisions for pets in protection orders against the abuser. Because most of the general population is not aware that pet protection orders exist, Mayfield provides the information for each state right at the reader’s fingertips.

Specific pet protection orders that apply to each state.

Chapter 6 – State Domestic Violence Shelters Known to Accept Pets

Pets are like family, especially to victims of abuse. Many victims of abuse are not aware that there are shelters that will accept pets. The victim is often unable to search the Internet without their activity being monitored by the abuser. For this reason, Mayfield has provided the information for the reader on these pages.

Domestic violence shelters within each state that are known to accept pets.

Chapter 7 – State Resources

Domestic violence state coalitions for each state.

Nearly 75% of women in domestic violence shelters have reported that their abuser also inflicted abuse against the family pets. For this reason, many victims of abuse often stay in an abusive relationship for fear of leaving their pet with the abuser. This doesn’t have to happen! There are resources available to help both you AND your pets!


Unique to this book is the awareness that Mayfield brings to the Interrelated effects of domestic abuse and pet abuse.


Currently, at the writing of this book, twenty-nine states, as well as Washington DC and Puerto Rico, have enacted legislation that include pets in protection orders against the abuser. Within these pages, you will find the legislation specific to the pet protection orders of each state.

Finding My Rhythm Again

A Pocketbook of Domestic Violence Resources

Will empower you through the vast number of resources and people who are waiting to help you navigate your way out of the abuse.

Each day is another step down your path of new beginnings.

Everyone has the power to transform their life, despite the obstacles experienced. That doesn’t mean it will be easy, but you are never alone.

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