Finding My Rhythm Again: A Pocketbook of Domestic Violence Resources




In this book, Mayfield provides a concise index of domestic violence resources never before found within one book. These resources include easy to follow safety plans for adults and children, as well as resources and strategies to help keep your pets safe from domestic violence. Also unique to this book is the awareness she brings to the Interrelated effects of domestic violence and pet abuse. Nearly 75% of women in domestic violence shelters have reported that their abuser also inflicted abuse against the family pets. For this reason, many victims of abuse often stay in an abusive relationship for fear of leaving their pet with the abuser. Within these pages, Mayfield offers an index of pet shelter options, including state domestic violence shelters known to accept pets, pet-friendly hotels, and information on pet protection orders offered within the various states across the US. Pet protection orders function for pets the same way restraining orders function for people, however many people are unaware that these protection orders exist. In this book, Mayfield provides the information specific to each state right at your finger tips. You are stronger than you think! There is hope! As we continue to walk together, gathering with us more and more women and men who have lived the abuse and are ready to be free, we will continue to inspire others as we walk with them. You too will come to a point on your new path when you can finally look back and say, “Yes, I have hurt and I have healed.” Each day is another step down your path of new beginnings.

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