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The Place Between “Goodbye” and “Hello”

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A single experience in life does not define “who” we are.  What makes us “who” we are is the whole of all our experiences, not just a part.  Our job doesn’t define us, where we live doesn’t define us, a trauma that we experienced, or a bad choice that we made, does not define who we are.  No one aspect of our life has the power to define “who” we are.  When we leave those pieces of our life for something new we are not losing anything, but simply saying “goodbye,” and tucking those pieces away into a place in our heart that remains with us forever.  Its how we deal with those pieces, that define who we are.  When we know how to process those experiences and the emotions they present we can use them to enrich our lives, rather than hinder.  Even the painful ones.  All experiences are here to teach us something about ourselves, and sometimes the hardest experiences are the ones that teach us the most.

So, despite the choices you have made and the experiences you have lived, at this moment in time, are you following your heart?  Are you being the person you want to be in the world?  Is your life focused on the things that really matter to you?  Is your life moving forward in a positive way because of the decisions you have made?   Can you even hear your own thoughts and feel your own emotions, or have they become so entwined with the people around you that you don’t even know which ones are yours anymore?  Because you are not defined by one single choice that you made, you always have the power to change.  Sometimes we realize we have to say goodbye to who we were so that we can say hello to who we are meant to become.

Sometimes “goodbye” hurts, but welcome the tears in knowing that without the goodbyes we would not have the emotional space and mental capacity to come alive to the new journey ahead of us… another exciting, unique piece of our “who.”

Now begins the excitement of seeing the “why” emerge.. and knowing that this new journey will be filled with new hearts to touch, new joy to experience, and our little goodbyes led us there.

The place between goodbye and hello… the transition of not yet knowing who we will become, and our hindsight hasn’t yet shown us the “why” can be an exciting place.  Welcome the unknown instead of fearing it.  For the goodbyes are small blessings along the path of life that are meant to be lived and felt as much as the blue sky and sunny day.